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one is supposed to learn from one's mistakes. well, this one obviously doesn't. a few weeks ago i tried to get to a mountaintop tower that i needed to do some work on. i decided that my 4WD truck would make it through the snow just fine. I spent two hours trying to gig it out with a hammer before someone came along and pulled me out, almost getting himself stuck in the process. Easy lesson, right? ha! today, i tried to get to another site, and got stuck again. i managed to dig myself out with the same hammer in about a half hour. (no, i still have not put either of my two shovels on the truck) then, i convinced a guy with a Hummer to take me back to the tower. we made it within 50 ft (easy walking distance, and were confronted by a huge drift) neddless to say, this did not represent an obstacle, but instead a challenge. so i spent two hours digging and winching and winching and digging to get that Hum Vee the last 50 ft. by that time the guy's wife and kid had walked the whole way to see what was up. DUH, dave, why didn't you walk? so i showed them around, and started to work, only to find that i had forgotten swomething at my truck back at the parking lot. so we started back down and promptly got stuck again. i forgot to mention that during the first period of winching and digging, the power cord for the winch got cut, and we never did get it back quite right, so running the winch was a bit of a science experiment. we spent another hour digging and winching, by which time i was so wet cold and tired that i decided to go home. so, i will be driving 4 hours tomorrow morning to finish the job. i'm going to take a change of socks and boots and walk.

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