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I am not a photographer. I am a painter with a really good camera. Last October, I spent two whirlwind weeks in Vietnam, a beautiful country filled with fascinating people. I took over 500 photographs and ended up with a couple of dozen good images.

The frames I use are suitable for display purposes, but I highly recommend professional framing at some point, of the larger images in particular. I simply do not have the resources to professionally frame this many pieces.

The good side of this is that I am able to keep my prices much more affordable. The large images are $175 each, the smaller ones are $95.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend a visit to Vietnam. Be sure to allow more time than I did!
-Dave Moyer

1 – Island, Halong Bay
2 – Nha Trang Fishing Community
3 – Central Hanoi
4 – After The Festival, Saigon
5 – Hanoi Doorway
6 – Hanoi Screen
7 – Catholic Church, Hue
8 – Young Boy, Dalat Chicken Village
9 – Making Tea, Early Morning Hanoi
10 – Dalat Market
11 – Dalat Fisherman
12 – This Little Piggie Went To Market
13 – Saigon Traffic

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