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50 more

edited jan 31, 2008
51 - I have taken a boat across the Atlantic Ocean in both directions
52 - I got the highest score ever on the Air Force test for aptitude in foreign languages
53 - I don't speak any fluently
54 - I can roll my R's
55 - I got a combined score of 1440 on my SAT's
56 - I test consistently at an IQ of 140
57 - I was thrown out of college for plagiarizing ( I copied Cliff Notes, duh)
58 - in the first grade I once deliberately missed several questions on a test so my friend could catch up in a class contest.
59 - he would have had a better grade than mine anyway
60 - I love all animals, but dogs especially
61 - my grandfather committed suicide by not eating or drinking
62 - I have one friend who I know has aids
63 - I have watched someone waste away from lung cancer
64 - I kept smoking for another 12 years anyway
65 - I understand the difference between socialism and communism
66 - the only Republican I have ever voted for is John McCain (i regret it)
67 - my favorite color until age four was red, then I changed it to blue
68 - in fourth grade I got caught standing on the back of the toilet trying to pee into the bowl
69 - my nickname in grade school was moy. I hated it
70 - John Alverson used to beat me up regularly after school
71 - his goal in life was to be a truck driver
72 - I didn't learn to drive a stick shift until age 36
73 - now I own one
74 - my favorite rap song is The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
75 - I have been painting with this pattern since 1982
76 - since my breakup with my last girlfriend, I have been on two dates, not including Angie. (since this post, i have reconnected with an old gf, lived with her, broken up with her, and fallen in love again)
77 - both of them had the same birthday as me
78 - I have never met anyone with the same last name as mine (i have now)
79 - my uncle has his own plane, which he built
80 - I want to bungie jump
81 - I saw colors while scuba diving in the Florida Keys that I have never seen anywhere else
82 - I like kids
83 - I don't want to have any
84 - I once hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and stayed five days alone
85 - I intend to hike rim to rim with Angie one day (not any more)
86 - I met Pete Seeger
87 - I was awarded employee of the year once
88 - one of the reasons I am in no galleries is that I am afraid of rejection
89 - another reason is that they want 50%
90 - the first reason is more honest
91 - I own a barometer (used to)
92 - I have sold over 200 paintings
93 - a one of a kind dinosaur was discovered where I was born
94 - by the time I was two, I had eaten sand from both oceans
95 - I am certified in first aid and CPR (lapsed)
96 - I once lived on the beach for two months
97 - the first time I bowled, I got three strikes
98 - I have been in 8 automobile accidents
99 - I like to drive
100 - coming up with another 50 was really hard, so this is it for lists.

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