i (i) wrote,

remember when i posted about my friend wayne belger? if not, take a look at his site. you will be glad you did. he builds amazing pinhole cameras (the 360 degree animations of them on the site are spectacular). each camera is built around the series of photographs he intends to take with it. for example, one of his recent cameras filtered the light through HIV positive blood and was used to take pictures of people living with AIDS. his latest effort is machined from aircraft aluminum. it has three small windows in it. behind one is a piece of a page from a bible. behind the others, pieces of the torah and the koran. the fourth side has a piece of the world trade center attached to it. with this camera, he is photographing a priest in front of his church, an imam in front of his mosque, and a rabbi in front of his synagogue. he asked me to document his latest shoot for him. here are the results:

all in all, a delightful evening, marred only by the redneck yahoos driving by and yelling "fuck you!".

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