i (i) wrote,

walked all over the monte verde reserve today. taking pictures in the jungle is challenging. it´s quite dark. i wish i had a tripod. a few times i set my camera on my lonely planet guide on a rock and took a wide aperture, long exposure shot. i saw one howler monkey way up in the trees, a few birds, and some interesting bugs. i´m really bummed that i couldn´t bring my macro lens. today would have been perfect for it. franz, if you read this, i met the brother of the guy who owns pura vida in catalina. he works at the reserve. mundo pequeño.

fron the great minds think alike department...

my friend warren: most people don´t make decisions based on logic...
me (interrupting as usual) ...they use logic to rationalize decisions based on emotion!
warren- exactly!

in the jungle, everything grows on everything else. the jungle is growing on me.

dad, i stood on the continental divide today. i know you like that kind of thing. it was really windy, on the edge of the jungle, and i couldn´t see much. but i was there. the wind was blowing from the carribean side.

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