i (i) wrote,

ok. that was hard.

i hiked to cerro chato today. it´s an extinct volcano with a lake in it, and wonderful views of arenal (they say). the trail was basically straight up, i doubt there was more than a 25% difference between elevation change and distance. i can say that it got easier - as soon as i reached the top and turned around. i´m not sure of the distance, but it took a total of 5 hours, including a hour hiking up the wrong hill and back because i missed the turnoff. about 500 meters from the top, my shorts, which were soaked like everything else, ripped up the front from cuff to waist - SHUT UP!! - fortunately i had a long t-shirt on, so nobody was the wiser. the view was nonexistent, as is frequently the case around here, as volcanoes are shy. i have to say, that considering my advanced age and the fact that i spent most of the night erupting myself, i am rather proud of myself for making the trek. it was all about determination. i have more of that than i do stamina, these days. i was stopping a lot on the way up. on the way down... well, remember the fat guy in jurassic park? nuff said.

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