i (i) wrote,

at the beach, hanging out with becky and kc, mostly waiting for rain to stop. it seems as if the green season is settling in to stay. have had a few rain-free hours on the playa (not burning man), and i must say it's nice to be on a beach where nost of the shells you find are occupied by their original owners. lots of surfers here. long, gradual beach makes for extended rides. got a couple decent pics of them with the telephoto. everything is expensive here, and there are way too many americans, but it is pretty, and i wouldn't mind coming for a visit every now and then. definitely not where i want to live, though. tomorrow afternoon we head back to san jose, and thursday it's all over, for now.i probably won't post again unless something particularly interesting happens, but if ther rain keeps up, i may be online.
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