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Sep. 13th, 2006 | 12:22 pm

i went back today to take some closeups of the faces on the statues at the bottom of this post. as i was taking the pictures, i hear this voice: "excuse me, do you speak english?". a dim light bulb goes off in my head. then he contiunues, saying where he's from and asking about how you find addresses here. (there are none. everything is done by landmarks, which is really confusing) then he proceeds with his schtick, saying he doesn't want money, but would i buy him a meal at the mcdonalds across the street.then i remember, and say:"wanna hear something really funny? i was here two years ago, and i bought you a meal at that mcdonalds." we both laughed. i wonder how long he's been working that scam? i also wonder how much he gets out of people. all he got from me last time was a two dollar meal and about 75 cents worth of colones. i suspect that if the mark is gullible enough, it goes a lot farther.

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