i (i) wrote,

a few of you know that i am virtually unbeatable at scrabble. a large part of the credit for this goes to my grandfather's first cousin, julie rosegrant, who died this past week at 101 years old. my first cousin twice removed (she taught me how to figure that out), she and her husband were my family away from home when i was away at high school. i spent many an hour at their beautiful home, eating san dwiches and playing julie's modified scrabble. she was so good at the traditional version that she had to change the rules to make it more interesting. she also fueled a love for crosswords in me which burns to this day. her obituary is here. one thing not mentioned in it is her longtime quest to have our national anthem changed to america the beautiful. she started this movement, and received mail from adherents long after it had faded from national interest. i last saw julie in 2001, when i went back for my 25th high school reunion. i will miss her.

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