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I'm mailing in my absentee ballot today.

It's an act of faith. It is possible- even likely- that it won't be counted. Some counties won't bother if the election results aren't close and the number of absentee ballots isn't big enough to effect the outcome. But still I read it thoroughly and mail it in.

I- that's me, folks- danjite- was a paid elections assistant-then-judge for Alameda County, California for several years.

I worked the first elections in AlCo to use electronic voting machines and voted in those elections.

I have worked inside Diebold electronic voting machines many times.

I also worked in one branch or another of the computer industry for a long time and know a fair bit about software and hardware hacking and, more importantly, systems analysis.

I have been confident for some years now that many- perhaps most- elections (above the local level) in the US are... fraudulent.

If you don't believe me, I would like to simply ask: Why? Why do you believe that the elections are fair? Have you done any research on the topic yourself? Why do you think that I- someone who has worked in the system, been inside the machines and has been watching the evolution of electronic voting since before it hit the streets and continue to research it- am wrong about this?

I want responses. Please. Why?

I am sincerely curious why so many people believe the elections are fair. I suspect that the thought otherwise is just too scary, as, well, something might have to be done about it.

There is one, lone organization I (mostly) trust in the US looking at the ongoing election fraud. They are a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit.
This is not a partisan issue: Unfair elections damage democracy for everyone.

The rest of this post comes from someone else, a cut-and-paste job. If you want to know more about documented instances of electronic vote fraud, there are many more stories out there. You can google for them or, well, if you ask me I could send you a few dozen more links.

Please keep reading. If you are an American and you care about voting... Just read it. Thanks.

It's going to be up to ordinary folk to make this case. We can't solve a problem if we refuse to look. Some citizens are fed up with black box elections, and are mustering up evidence of improper behavior that will, hopefully, swing the pendulum back in the direction it belongs.

Examples of the astonishing evidence uncovered by candidates and extraordinary citizens follows.

At first, wit was proven that the machines could "theoretically' be tampered with. Then, in experiments in Leon County and Emery County, citizen-led investigations proved that machines could reliably be tampered with.

At first, public records requests from Black Box Voting and others proved that election results were not authenticatable using available audit records. And now, Black Box Voting and citizens are coming up with audit records that show strong indications of improper behavior and fraud.

Be aware that we are not going to see a Perry Mason moment. Proof of corruption will be incremental, but it will come.

In 2006, your job- should you accept it- will be to embark on the biggest citizen evidence-gathering expedition in history, to take this past the tipping point and achieve real change. Nothing will do but a reversal of the pendulum, back to citizen ownership and oversight of our own government and its electoral processes.

Let's take a look now at some of the evidence citizens -- and Black Box Voting -- are uncovering:

1. Memphis: Candidates in Memphis asked Black Box Voting for help securing public records from the Aug. 3, 2006 election. Black Box Voting recommended getting a copy of the Diebold GEMS database, along with the Windows event log. What we found shocked us: The sheer number of legal and security violations in the event log were horrifying, and it also showed that Shelby County -- or someone -- was accessing the file during the middle of a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting this.

- A remote access program called PC Anywhere was found resident in the system
- Evidence of insertion of an encrypted Lexar Jump Drive was present
- Evidence of attempts to alter or write HTML files (used to report results) was present
- Apparently without a firewall, the GEMS system was opened up to the County Network
- A prohibited program, Microsoft Access, which makes editing the election chimpanzee-easy, was installed on the system AND USED shortly after the election.

To read more about Memphis, click here:

2. Alaska: In early 2006, the Alaska Democratic Party asked Black Box Voting for help. The election numbers simply didn't add up. BBV's Jim March urged them to fight for the right to obtain the Diebold GEMS database, which Diebold had until then been asserting proprietary rights over. After months of hard-fought battling, they prevailed. That database was released publicly at Black Box Voting here:

You can open it yourself in Microsoft Access, and when you do, choose the table called "audit." In this table you will see evidence that someone was changing things as recently as July 2006 -- after the matter was in court, before the file was released. The changes are substantial, and involve redefining ballot and candidate items, along with a reference to a second memory card.

If you don't have MS Access, here is a pdf copy of that controversial log:

3. In Georgia, Cynthia McKinney contacted Black Box Voting. Very odd things were happening in the 2006 primary and the runoff election that followed -- Democrats were being served up Republican primary ballots on the Diebold touch-screens, McKinney's name was left off some ballots, but reportedly appeared on other ballots nowhere near her district. The electronic poll books -- something Georgia voters never asked for and a whole new source of glitches -- were malfunctioning regularly.

Black Box Voting advised McKinney to seek the troubleshooter and pollworker logs. What we found on these shocked us -- in an election reported as "smooth" by the press, was evidence of dozens and dozens of voting machine malfunctions, electronic pollbook glitches, and most disturbing of all (given the dire consequences available based on the Hursti and Princeton studies), the seals for dozens of voting machines were missing, broken, and mismatched -- yet the machines were used anyway.

To view a list of the problems in Dekalb County, Georgia, click here:

4. In Ohio, Richard Hayes Phillips examined ballots from the 2004 presidential election. They'd been kept locked up for 22 months, and he was under immense pressure to look at as many as he could before they were destroyed. What he found shocked him: Patterns of tampering, as evidenced by statistically impossible overvotes, strategically placed and favoring George W. Bush. He listed his findings here:

This is the tip of the iceberg. The missing ingredient is, and has been, the active oversight of the citizenry. In 2006, please join the movement as an active participant in overseeing and authenticating your election. We'll help. Start here:

Citizen Tool Kit:

Bev Harris
Black Box Voting

* * * * *

Black Box Voting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501c(3) elections watchdog group supported entirely by citizen donations. We refuse funds from any vendor or vested interest.

To support Black Box Voting: click to
or send to:
Black Box Voting
330 SW 43rd St Suite K
PMB 547
Renton WA 98055

Please plan to participate this fall to restore control of elections to the citizenry. Thank you for your stewardship of our republic.

Be part of the solution: Please sign up for the NATIONAL HAND COUNT REGISTRY: http://www.bbvforums.org/cgi-bin/forums/board-profile.cgi?action=register

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