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work history

I have held a lot of jobs. Here are the ones i can remember, in approximate order:

Burger King (twice)

Courier (I have done this twice)

Warehouseman for TRW

Shipping /receiving for Casio

Repairing computer cabinet covers

Good Humor man

Rate calculation clerk for Prudential Insurance

Server at a Breyers Ice Cream store

House Painter (this I have done several times)

Waiter at CanoeBrook Country Club in Saddle River NJ

Tool Sales for a hardware store in Brooklyn

Day crew at Studio 54


Industrial paint crew

Insulation installer

Furniture warehouse worker

Seven Eleven clerk

Landscaper (This I have done twice)


Taco Bell

Air Force recruit

Construction laborer

Dishwasher - Post Street Bar and Café, SF

Prep Cook - Rosalies Restaurant, SF

Salad and Dessert Chef - Rosalies Restaurant, SF

Saute Chef - Harry's American Bar and Café, SF

Counter help - Mikes Place - Tucson


Egg packer

Swamper on Grand Canyon Raft Trips - Arizona River Runners and Hatch

Maintenance and Grounds - St. Pius Catholic Church - Tucson

Modular Furniture installer

Concrete Laborer

Communications Tower builder

Cellular Technician

Operations manager

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