i (i) wrote,

last day of the auction!

i'm reposting it here without all those pesky comments to wade through. if you think you've bid higher than what i have here, let me know, and, as i've been encouraging people locally, if you really want one, bid what you are willing/able to pay, not just the next $10 increment. it's all over at 5PM local time. thank you to everyone who has participated!
EDIT: to clarify, this does not mean i am taking "maximum bids" ala ebay. i am simply trying to get people to bid more. instead of going up $10 at a time or whatever, when the price is still ridiculously low, just bid what you want to pay and let it go from there. obviously, if you already have the high bid, this doesn't apply to you, unless you want to cement your win.

dazzle - current bid, $100

from chaos - current bid, $130

jazz - current bid: $200

merge - current bid, $80

phoenix - current bid, $175

weave (one painting sliced up and woven over another) current bid, $60

self portrait

these next ones are distorted because they are unstretched and hung from the ceiling.

serendipity I, 1991 current bid, $50

tucson 7331 (the first painting i did in tucson, 1983) - current bid $50

random structure II, 1992 current bid, $50

frog people, 1982 (half of my life ago) current bid, $50

aerial landscape, 1982 current bid, $60

red bay (the only painting i have ever done outside the US. i was in canada)
current bid, $50

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