i (i) wrote,

prey - timbuk 3 - 1992

You never pray for peace
You pray for victory
You never pray for love
You pray for abstinence
Your mind's stuck in reverse
And life keeps getting worse
You say you pray for blessings
But it works just like a curse
You pray for the godless ones
The ones who will not pray
You pray for a savior
Who will blow them all away
You pray on your Bible
You pray on bended knee
And every time you say a prayer
You prey on me, you prey on me

You pray to God each day
That your son won't turn out gay
And your daughter won't bring home
Someone like me
You pray with every breath
You love the Lord to death
You're killing him with your kindness
Don't you see?
You pray He'll crush the enemies
Of your sexual oppression
You pray He'll send a virus
That will teach us all a lesson
And for all the unwed mothers
In this whole knocked-up city
And all the unborn children
Who will never feel your pity
You pray on your Bible
You pray on bended knee
And every time you move your mouth
You prey on me, you prey on me

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