i (i) wrote,

buddy moves on

yesterday, jane and i drove up to scottsdale to drop buddy off at arizona cocker rescue. after a year of trying to find him a good home here in tucson, this was my last resort. selfishly, i wanted to take him with me to costa rica, but it was not the best thing for him. the people at the rescue were wonderful. the woman who runs it will be fostering buddy herself. i'm sure he will be much happier and have a better life because of this decision, but it was painfully difficult. buddy has been a companion and friend for 5 years now, travelling all over arizona with me, hiking up and down mountains, and seeing me through tough emotional times. i really love the little guy. i will miss him a lot more than he will miss me, i'm sure.

i encourage anyone who is so inclined and can afford it to go to the above link and donate to arizona cocker rescue.

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