i (i) wrote,

We watched a BBC documentary last night on Global Dimming. Never heard of it? Not surprising. I highly recommend that you either rent or download this one hour piece

Essentially, what's going on is two forces, Global Warming and Global Dimming, the first caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and the second caused by particulate pollution.

We all know that the temperature of the Earth has been rising, but what most of us are not aware of is that the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth has gone down by 10, 20, even 30% in some parts of the globe.

This reduction in solar radiation has ameliorated the effects of Global Warming dramatically, putting in question all our models and timelines.

The scary thing is, we are working much harder to control particulate pollution than we are greenhouse gases. This is natural, because particulates are visible, and cause respiratory illness. They also slow down Global Warming. So, as we curb particulate pollution, we are likely to see a corresponding acceleration of Global Warming.

There is much more in there, including how Global Dimming was responsible for millions of deaths in the famines in Africa in the 80's.

See this documentary.

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