i (i) wrote,

hi all :)

we just got back from cahuita, on the carribean coast. some of you will remember my going there on my first costa rica trip. while there we visited the bribri tribe and their iguana restoration project, as well as a chocolate maker. we also rafted the pacuare river, as i did that trip. it has all been beautiful, pleasurable, and i have many many photos to share, so feed your browsers well so they can handle the bandwidth when we get back. i got some especially good pics of capuchin monkeys in the preserve at costa rica. the pacuare was beautiful, but the water level was down, so it was more technical than exciting this time. we have a couple of days in this area (cerca san jose) before we head to drakes bay on the osa peninsula. we may visit my friend warren, and/or other areas in the central highlands.


ps. the guy in the mural on my icon is walter fergusen, who is the father of calypso in costa rica. i never learned this on my first trip, when the photo was taken.

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