i (i) wrote,

when jane is travelling, she likes to have her hair done and get a pedicure/manicure. she says it gives her a different perspective on a place.

since she´s doing that, i have a little time. it´s been a great trip over all, despite relationship bumps (which we are negotiating). we started in san jose, visiting, among other places, the national museum, which i hadn´t seen before, and which i would recommend to anyone over the much touted gold and jade museums. they have so much of their respective precious native art as to numb you. the national museum has just enough of each, and much more information to go with them.

then we went to cahuita, the second time for me. i got some amazing closeups of capuchin monkeys and we followed our visit there with a rafting trip on the rio pacuare (also a second time for me.) the water was low, so it wasn´t as exciting as my first trip, but the beauty made up for it.

then we spent a couple of days in cartago, the old capital of costa rica, and the adjoining orosi valley, which was beautiful.

three days at bahia drake on the primitive oso peninsula, a day in uvita, still not a major resort but destined to be, and now we are in alajuela, where the san jose airport is located, preparing for a road trip around the highlands, scouting prospective settling spots. i´m not sure jane will move with me, as it will be very hard for her to leave her daughter and grandson behind, but i am still guardedly hopeful. it will be painful ending our relationship if she doesn´t, but, as i have said to her, if i were a friend observing from the outside, i would counsel her not to go, or at least to think very hard about it.

i love her, but i am moving. i hope she will join me, but i will go regardless, happy for the time we have had.

i have so many amazing pictures to share...

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