i (i) wrote,

ana voog

someone on my friends list posted this morning in defense of ana, but kept the post friends only because he didn't want to deal with the inevitable flaming from the losers who seem to thrive on judging other people. well flame on, i am proud to say that i am a member of ana's site, and i both admire and respect her and her art. there is a lot more to art than aesthetics. of course i'm not going to hang a picture of a tampon on my wall, you small minded idiots. cams may be a dime a dozen now, but ana was the second ever. she has created and inspired a vital and energetic community at anacam, both on her public bbs, and the private one. many of my LJ friends are people i met over there, and we all found LJ because of ana. i don't read everything she writes, and i'm not particularly interested in watching the cam, now that the novelty has worn off, but i do look in now and then, and i value the friends i have made there. once in a while, ana will write something particularly insightful, or inspiring. i've even printed out a couple of her posts. if her pictures of a tampon have stirred this many emotions, and opened this many wounds, and caused this much introspection, and been the catalyst for this much discussion, isn't that the essence of art?

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