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i really believe this can make an impact. please promote the idea, even if you are unwilling or unable to give up a day of work. if you do take action, tell people why you are doing it. find a street corner and stand there with other strikers.

the only reason this regime is continuing to screw us and the rest of the world is that we are letting them do it. the only reason the democrats are scared to fight is our own complacency and apathy. i live in a city of close to a million people, most of whom did not vote for bush, and most of whom oppose the war, yet when we publicized and staged a protest on the 4th anniversary of the war, we got a couple hundred people.


i will be working up a flyer for printing and distribution and will post it here.

again, please please promote this. changing your icon to this one or one of your own making costs nothing. printing a few flyers costs a couple bucks. the more people see this between now and Nov. 6, the greater the hope of a groundswell of support and action.

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