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sent two minutes ago to the Arizona Daily Star

To the Editor,

When I received my voter information pamphlet for this year’s primaries, I opened it with anticipation. Would Steve Leal be running against Mayor Walkup? Or would it be someone else?

Sadly, the Tucson Democratic Party appears to be a bunch of cowards. Nobody was even standing for nomination to challenge Walkup! Nobody! In a Democratic town, which has voted for Democrats in every federal election since I moved here in 1983, not one single solitary Democrat had the courage to run against a weak Republican.

At first I was furious. Then it dawned on me, there is a Green Party candidate running. Dave Croteau is a perfect alternative to staying at home moping because there isn’t a Democrat running. Imagine Tucson with Green mayor instead of a stooge for the developers. Even the Democrats on the city council would have to shape up!

Speaking of the Council, all you Ward 1 voters should get out and vote for Beryl Baker. If the Democrats won’t stand up and fight for us, lets give the Greens a chance!

Dave Moyer, registered Democrat

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