i (i) wrote,

who needs snow?

i can get stuck in the middle of the desert. :) i decided to do a little exploring south of Superior today, on the way home from a grueling day of driving around the desert and making phone calls. everything was going great until i decided to go over this antique cattle guard. sure, the concrete ramps on either side looked a bit steep, but, hell, that's why i have a 4 wheel drive with big tires. #CRUNCH!# high centered on the steel cattle guard in the middle of nowhere. go back, and i hit my oilpan. go forward, and i hit a bracket of some kind. so, i jacked up the right side, stuffed the twoxfours that the last idiot left behind under the tire, then jacked up the other side and did the same. no such luck. so i got smart and put two of them under the frame and scooted off the thing. then i drove down the road until i didn't think i would make it any farther and took a hike that she wouldn't have approved of, i.e. straight up the nearest pile of rocks. more of a clamber than a hike, really, but my water supply was low, so i didn't want to go too far. pretty area, i'll take pictures next time. on the way back, i opened the gate that was sitting right next to the cattle guard i had been stuck on an hour before, and drove through.

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