i (i) wrote,

2 weeks from today, the house closes and i am officially homeless free.
2 weeks from tomorrow i leave for india!

a few days on either end of the trip with my family in maine, and then back here (with 20/20 vision) on the 22nd of january.

i should be crossing the mexican border before the end of january.

everything comes with a cost, and the cost of my achieving this is the end of the most wonderful relationship with the most wonderful woman i have ever known. there is an overlay of sadness to all my excitement. we are still trying to figure out a way for us to have some kind of future together (not looking for suggestions here). i really hope we can. i have no interest in being involved with anyone else. maybe she can join me later. maybe she can go back and forth. who knows? maybe any number of things.

the only certainty is that i am going, and have no plans to live in the US again, although i will visit regularly.

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