i (i) wrote,

the surgery went well. evidently i was a perfect subject for it. they did a bunch of typical eye exam stuff and then mapped my eyes with a star trek device that beamed concentic rings of red light at me. i sat around for an hour or so while pretty girls came up and put drops of various types in my eyes. then they took me into the operating theater (i had to go barefoot) and dr bharti took about 5 minutes to reshape my corneas. i could hear it, and it smelled like burning hair, but i didn't feel anything because of the anaesthesia. after he was done, i was able to see, but it was far from 20/20. i had to sit with my eyes closed for a while, occasionally opening them to have drops put in. dr bharti prescribed four different eyedrops to be taken four times a day, and they sent me off. i also bought reading glasses and sunglasses. by evening i was able to watch tv, although my vision was still far from 20/20. this morning it was better still, and on my followup today, he modified the drop prescription, and this afternoon i scheduled my trip through the 17th.
i take the train north to kalka tomorrow morning and the next day the toy train to simla, 96 kilometers and 75-odd tunnels on a narrow guage railway. simla has had a little snow, so it should be gorgeous. then back to delhi for one day and another doctor visit followed by a 25-30 hour train trip to goa, where i will likely spend christmas. i was a
little worried when i didn't see perfectly right off the bat, but after more research, i feel that i am actually ahead of the curve in that respect. i am well on my way to only needing reading glasses!
actually, i very rarely notice that i'm not 20/20 now, so i'm quite functional, but i don't think i can get the restrictions lifted from my license just yet.

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