i (i) wrote,

i've been without internet for a couple of days, so this will be a bit long.

on the train from delhi to kalka, i saw:

cow patties formed into discs by hand and lined up or stacked in piles, rows or patterns to dry by the thousands: fuel.

a solitary woman wrapped in a colorless sari sitting against a wall in the trainyard: sad but dignified.

(it seems only the poor and devoutly religious wear traditional clothing these days, in delhi at least. everyone else is trying to be as western as possible. they're somewhere in the 80's.)

people everywhere, living by the tracks, on the platform. a small girl brushing her teeth with a stick in a filthy mudpuddle.

animals: cows, goats, donkeys

then we left the delhi trainyards.

for miles and miles it was like travelling through a landfill, but an inhabited one, women and children everywhere scavenging through the garbage; families huddled around trash fires.

seemingly endless slums.

later: in the middle of a more agricultural area, tall (30' or so) conical chimneys atop brickmaking kilns dotting the fields. raw and fired bricks stacked everywhere.

a goat in a t-shirt.

a man tightening the bolts on the rails. not with a wrench, with his bare hands.

a bright orange, lifesize plastic? palm tree in an otherwise nondescript rural town.

not so long after all. more later.

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