i (i) wrote,

driving in india is like an endless game of chicken

and then the bus gets a flat tire 80K from panaji. fortunately there are two on each side, but 79.9K from panaji, the other one goes too. i suppose there is a bus somewhere in india with new tires on it, but i have yet to see it.

so the passengers flag down the next buses going by and cram themselves in. i make it on to number 3, which, unlike the first two, actually has seats available. then i take a taxi from panaji to margao, where i am now not eating and am instead drinking the local version of pepto bismol to try to kill off the organism which has been liquifying my food for two days. whee!

lost my lonely planet at badami :( i'm going to go to the beach today. that seems like a likely place to find one.

EDIT:i am now the proud owner of a brand new 2007 lonely planet for india. woohoo!

in other news, it is impossible to get train tickets this time of year (xmas/new years), so it looks like i'm stuck at the beach until the 3rd, when i have a ticket back to delhi. from there, i'm going to head into rajastan and go see the taj majal and stuff. hopefully my tummy will be normal by the time i have to get on a train...

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