i (i) wrote,

had a great morning of photography today. i've been driving back and forth to the beach past all these crumbling colonial buildings every day, so i decided to go for a walk this time. got what i think will be some awesome pics. i also met marshal peter d'souza, who is probably the most articulate (in english) indian i have met outside of a hotel. he says he has important national security information that i must tell the US consulate in delhi about! i am to instruct them to send someone who will be nice for him to talk to, and he will impart this information that has something to do with an imminent threat involving terrorists and serial killers. i asked him why he didn't just email them and he said it would be too out in the open. hence he is walking up to a complete stranger on the street. but, hey, he says the consulate will know exactly who he is, so i'll be sure to run right down there and give them his name and address which he carefully wrote down on an envelope i had.

i also took a picture of him, and of a couple of women begging on the street. i paid the women.

i get on the train for delhi tomorrow. it will be another 40+ hour trip, so i'll be incommunicado, taking pictures out the door between cars.

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