i (i) wrote,

i'm in jaipur, the capital of rajastan. i decided to hire a rickshaw driver for the day for a change. took him out for his first mocha ever, and then he took me to the monkey temple. i didn't take many temple pics, but i did take monkey pics, and a whole bunch of pictures of beggars. there were four women and about eight children on the steps down to the temple, so i took pics of all of them and then doled out the baksheesh. kinda fun, actually. tomorrow, i'm going to take a longer tour to whatever sites raja wants to take me to, and then i'm going to walk around the old city. then the next day, i'm going to jodhpur (where madonna spent new years eve), for the rest of my trip. i have no idea what it will be like, but i'm just going to relax and wander around for four days. then an overnight train to delhi, and a midnight flight back to the states.

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