i (i) wrote,

i'm down to my last few hours in india. just before midnight tonight, my plane will lift off for newark, where i hope to reunite with some old friends during an eight hour layover.

when i left to come here, i thought my house was sold and that i would be leaving soon after my return for latin america, alone.

now, my sale fell through, the house is still on the market, and, although i still know i must take that journey in some form or other, and that i hope to live outside the US, i am also hopeful that it won't be a solitary journey, whatever form it finally takes.

when i arrived, i didn't like the place at all, even though it was fascinating at times. i have since dropped most of my judgements, found things and places to love in india, and gained a small understanding of, and considerable respect for the people, although there are still things which make no sense and frustrate my western sensibilities.

if you can handle a 1000 page book, read Shantaram. now.

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