i (i) wrote,

last night was the first time in three years that i was glad to be near a TV.

first, i want to say that i will be proud to vote for any of the three people who were on that stage last night. i think each of them is up to the task, and will be a far better president than any republican running (living, actually).

second, i absolutely loved the loose and then looser format. the debate was so much more genuine, and much more effectively showcased the abilities of the candidates to think on their feet, interact with rivals, and extemporize.

the lowpoint of the debate was hillary's contrived attacks on obama, and, to be fair, his taking of the bait, although in the end, he did finally take the high road, and she joined him.

i have not heard any stump speeches by the candidates. i would be interested to know how much of what was said last night has been said 1000 times before in other forums.

i dare the republicans to hold a debate with a forum this loose.

i dare the eventual republican nominee to hold one with the democratic nominee.

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