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the black vote in arizona is only about 8%, so it wasn't a significant factor, even though barack took 86% or so of it. much was made of hillary's strength among hispanics, and she did indeed win that group, but there are some other statistics that i find much more interesting:

age seems to be much more of a factor than race. hillary carries the over 60 crowd handily. barack carries the rest, just as solidly. (future vs past?)

among hispanics, the division was very much about gender. hispanic men split equally, women voted for hillary.

the least educated went heavily for clinton, the most educated for obama.

people who consider themselves liberal and people who consider themselves conservative went for obama. the self-styled moderates for hillary.

protestants and catholics went heavily hillary. something else and nothing went for obama.

women across the board voted heavily for hillary, single men just as strongly for obama, married men about 50/50.

people who thought gender was important voted fror hillary. so did people who thought race was important.

these results are for arizona. you can check your state at the link below.

source here

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