i (i) wrote,

i don't get the clintons

all through the nineties, there was investigation after investigation of them, almost every one completely specious, built on rumor and innuendo. one after another, they refused to come clean, obstructing the investigations, prolonging the process, and, essentially, fueling the mistrust and dislike that a huge number of americans now have for them. the only investigation that ever came to anything, that of the blue dress, could have been ended before it started if bill had just said "whether or not i have had extra marital affairs is between me and my wife". he could even have admitted it and apologized to her publicly. instead, he wagged his finger and lied to all of us.

now, hillary refuses to release her tax returns, bill refuses to release donation numbers for his library. i doubt there is anything that would be more than a blip on the political radar if they did rlease them, but instead, we have a long drawn out process of request, refusal, and speculation.

get with it, hillary. you could have been president. you still could be, next time around. but you have to be open and honest.

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