i (i) wrote,

yesterday, jane and i trudged around el progresso, doing a little shopping. i looked in vain for a raincoat. can you believe nobody sells them here?

i bought a bottle of cheap shampoo, which i somehow managed to puncture in my backpack, soaking and scenting everything inside. hopefully ive used up my quota of bad luck...

then we went over to the clinic to discuss the first trials of the epidemiological survey jane designed. the kids here from cornell are really bright, and amazingly energetic. its fun to watch them in action. i will be working in tandem with teams of them who are taking the surveys into the community. i will take pictures of homes and people when they are willing. this is one of the reasons i was so upset about my camera the other day. it is the main contribution i can make to the project.

i have ordered a new camera which should arrive by fedex at the end of the week.

there is no tourism here at all, a refreshing change from costa rica. i am sure once we get to the beach next week, we will see more evidence of it.

it is extraordinarily hot and humid. i definitely prefer the highlands. tomorrow we are hiking a way into the mountains to a small town. it is supposed to be a brutal but beautiful hike. sounds good to me.

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