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Copan Ruinas is a picturesque little town with steep cobblestone streets, lots of tourists (it is on the route from Guatemala), friendly residents, and enough altitude that it is cool at night. Tourism makes for a fairly established middle class. There are lots of nice houses in the centro, and large ones can be seen from a distance in the hills. Even the poor are better off than in much of Honduras, from what i´ve seen. If one wanted to stay a while, it is possible to rent an apartment and feed yourself for less than $10 a day. Hotels are more, of course, as is eating out. There is a great mercado, however, where you can buy anything you need.

We have had two days of Spanish lessons, 4 hours a day. I am improving, but it is hard. I never learned the parts of speech and other grammatical terms in English, so I can´t make use of them in Spanish. I´m just waiting for that magic moment when things start to "click". My vocabulary is improving, and as long as someone speaks slowly, I can carry on a simple conversation, but reflexive verbs and past and future tenses make my brain hurt. Hopefully after two more days here and three weeks in Guatemala...

We are here for two more days and then return to El Progresso on Wednesday. Jane goes home Saturday :(. Hopefully her grandbaby will be born soon.


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