i (i) wrote,

so we met the shaman yesterday...

he did a ceremony for jane´s imminent grandchild, involving much chanting in the mayan language, interspersed with the names of all the saints, the points of the compas, fondling of his rosary, and much burning of frankincense wrapped in corn husks. then he told us no sex for 9 days, no bathing for 9 days, and no washing of clothing for 9 days.

ok, sure.

he also asked for a ridiculous amount of money, considering that jane had just dewormed his whole family and given gifts to his children. she gave him a quarter of what he asked, which was twice what she should have.

it was interesting, though, and i believe the ceremony was genuine. the inside of his house was pretty cool, with a palm leaf altar, herbs and mysterious bags hanging everywhere, candles, chickens wandering through, and then i love frankincense...

i didn´t take pictures.

one more class today and then back to el progresso, where there was a shooting in the little community that contains the clinic we are helping with. nobody saw anything (just like NYC in the 70´s), but there was a trail of blood leading from the front of the house where the kids were staying to the clinic. they have moved to town. we are going to continue, but not without the clear message that the health committee needs to be up front and honest with us about everything. there is no doubt that everyone in the town knows exactly what happened.

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