i (i) wrote,

i´m in Comayagua for a couple of days. once the capitol of Honduras and the seat of the Catholic diocese (lots of cool churches and old buildings here), it´s a quiet town now, between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, the current capitol. it almost became more important a couple of weeks ago when the president closed ther Tegucigalpa airport to large planes after a crash and ordered the upgrade of the one here. congress went to the supreme court, however, stating that the president has no authority to open or close ports, so the Tegucigalpa one is going to reopen. there is also a USAF base near here, destined i am sure to be the staging area for the inevitable invasion of Venezuela when another oil corporation stooge is president of the US, i´d guess in 10 years or so, unless we as a nation are smarter than i think.

read another amazing book: Blindness, by Jose Saramago. am currently reading Seeing, by the same.

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