i (i) wrote,

when jane and i were in copan ruinas last, we came across an orphanage run by a woman who had lost her son to a climbing accident.

she had had bad luck with contractors half finishing jobs and running out on her. there was a wall in the back yard half finished, and some bunk beds also only half done. one of the reasons i came back was to finish the bunk beds for her. i brought a drill and some screws and some glue.

yesterday, when i was talking to the gringa who runs the bookstore here, she told ne that she has heard that this woman takes donations of food and clothing and uses them for herself or sells them. allegedly, there was a big food donation a few days ago.

so i went over there, and unfortunately was only able to put railings on the existing bunk beds as she didn´t have the wood necessary to build the rest. supposedly the other carpenter is going to come by and finish on monday...

i saw no sign of canned food in the place, but she doesn´t have a lot of storage there anyway. the kids were eating tortillas and milk for breakfast. they seem very healthy, by the way, especially compared to kids on the street.

she said she needed a few more mattresses, so i was thinking about buying enough for the top bunks of the beds. thenm when i offered to leave the drill for her along with the bits, for future use, she unlocked her secure room and, lo and behold, a stack of ten mattresses. she has 35 kids there, and six complete bunk beds, yet she hasn´t spread mattresses out for them to sleep on?

i´m not sure what to think. i´m not going to buy matteresses, needless to say, but i said if the beds weren´t built by the time i came back, i would finish them.

she seems like a very sweet woman, the kids are very healthy and friendly, i just wonder...

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