i (i) wrote,

how i spent my honduran vacation...

We saw over 1,000 patients with the clinic open for 5 1/2 weeks. The vision clinic had about 400 patients. In one day we saw 99 patients (28 medical and 71 vision).

We finished a comprehensive survey of La Guacamaya with over 301 surveys conducted, analysis is taking place, and a report planned for fall. Many thanks to the Cornell students and Partnership for Honduran Health with special thanks to Jane and Dave who made this happen.

38 People participated in the Brigade. We had up to 22 people here at one time.

We gave away more than 1,000 toothbrushes and toothpastes to all the school children in La Guacamaya as well as La Victoria. Many of these children had never used a toothbrush before.

We signed three contracts.

1. With the Ministry of Health for Honduras, the Health Committee of Centro de Salud La Guacamaya and Salud Juntos...this calls for a full time nurse, a full time office administrator, and at first a part time doctor which should lead soon to a full time doc (8th year medical student). We will continue to have brigades and the Ministry of Health as well as Salud Juntos will supply medications. This contract is being financed through a joint effort of the Ministry of Health and Salud Juntos.

2. With the 2 new Promatoras, the Health Committee of Centro de Salud La Guacamaya, and Salud Juntos....this contract spells out the responsibilities of the Promatoras (25 hours per week each), their training schedule and their salary. This is being financed by the Committee and Salud Juntos.

3. With the Health Committee of Centro de Salud La Guacamaya and Salud Juntos....this contract spells out the payment of the parties to the Promatoras. It also establishes a family relief fund for families in distress or those patients who need bus or taxi fare for referrals in El Progreso or San Pedro Sulu and cannot otherwise afford it. This fund is being financed by the Health Committee of Centro de Salud La Guacamaya and Salud Juntos.

We set up a scholarship fund for 2 students.

We had numerous talks and set up programs for women´s health.

We went to La Victoria 3 times where that community was dewormed and given toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We found our next clinic for brigades near the town of Yoro. We will plan to run simultaneous brigades next January at this clinic as well as La Guacamaya. This small town has 2 full time nurses, a population of about 3,500 people in their service area (total of 10 aldeas), and a very active health committee. When we passed through town we stopped and asked a man for directions to the clinic. He said, ¨I´m going there now. I´m the president of the health committee!¨ It was meant to be.

We toured the hospital in El Progreso 3 times under the guidance of Dr. Castellano.

Duke Duncan is working to establish a 1 month Pediatrics residency rotation with the hospital in San Pedro Sula, the hospital in El Progreso and the clinic at La Guacamaya.

We went to Tela and the Waterfalls each 3 times.

One baby was born (to Claudia and Franklin).

We had one passport lost and reissued.

We hit or dodged over 32,000 potholes!

We made countless friendships.

We had no serious accidents or injuries.

* i cannot claim credit for the vast majority of this, but i am proud to have been a small part of it.

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