i (i) wrote,

hiked to some beautiful waterfalls today, probably the first really fun thing i've done in livingston. i was sick for a day and undermotivated the rest of the time, so my classes have been underwhelming. mostly i've spent my time reading and eating good food.

tomorrow i'm going to belize for a few days. i hadn't planned to, but i have a little extra time, and it's only an hour by boat, so...

i'm looking forward to it. belize is supposed to be beautiful.

i'm not sure how to describe livingston. i've met some really nice people here, and also a few decidedly not nice ones. the town itself is not very pretty. the beaches are filthy, even when you walk the 8 km to the siete altares where we went today. it could be very picturesque with a little effort.

4 people have been attacked, three fatally, in the last three days in rio dulce, where i spent the night just before coming here. the first two were an american couple on their yacht. this was allegedly pirates. the second two were in a backpackers hotel, and also americans. this one was allegedly drug related. lovely. that won't help tourism here. there were dozens of yachts moored in rio dulce when i was there. i don't know how many are still there.

anyway, not going back there. i'll go from punta gorda to puerto barrios when i leave belize, and head across the border to honduras.

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