i (i) wrote,

esteli, nicaragua

this place was a hotbed of revolutionary activity in the 80´s. jane's dad spent some time here picking coffee for the sandanistas during the first twelve years of george h.w. bush's control of the whitehouse. the land around here is somewhat reminiscent of new mexico or southern california. dry cattle country, but not as dry as arizona. the town is low key. definitely a stopover for tourists, but not so much of a destination. for the most part, it feels a lot like el progresso. a lot of gringos, but no hype. i wandered around and bought a pair of cowboy boots to wear at the wedding for 75 bucks. i've never owned pointy shoes before. had a great dinner and splurged for two negra modelos. total cost including a generous tip, $15. typically i eat for 6-8 bucks down here. my room, with ac and tv is 12.50. i think i'll wander around here for the day tomorrow, and maybe go to the nearby nature preserve for a couple days after that. supposed to be great bird watching and tons of orchids.

i love thinking about those two little girls running around the white house. *big smile*.

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