i (i) wrote,

just ending my first day in san salvador. quite the cosmopolitan place. i find it quite odd that the government of al salvador would choose to use the american dollar for their currency. it is the result of some agreement with W, according to my last taxi driver. he said that absolutely everything is more expensive as a result.

the national art museum here is superb. they are currently featuring an exhibit of salvadoran artists from the last 100+ years. very high quality, every style and genre, and work that i likely would never have the chance to see otherwise, including a poignant room devoted to art about the war. roguevegetarian, i got you a catalog, but you have to share with jane!

also picked up a couple more gifts. a tablecloth for my friend kenny, and a set of salvadoran dominoes for my grandson :) kai. they feature hand painted pictures instead of numbers.

going to the beach tomorrow for a couple days, then back here for a taxi/photo tour of the city, and on to san pedro sula and home! i am ready to cuddle with jane!

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