i (i) wrote,

lonely planet warns that downtown san salvador is a scary place where you might not want to go, and where if you do go, you should leave your camera in the hotel.

so, naturally, i slung my bigass camera bag over my shoulder and walked across town from the upscale area where i am staying to the wild, crowded, bustling centro, took some pictures in front of everybody, had lunch at a cafe, and walked back. i am now footsore, but very glad i did it.

next door to the memorial mentioned in my earlier post was a small art museum with a quite good contemporary exhibit.

there were political parades and rallies all over. these guys are in a hard fought election cycle. the FMLN has a three seat lead over the right wing Arena in congress. you can't move without seeing signs for one or the other, with a smattering of smaller parties thrown in.

there is a very well funded campaign with billboards and signs all over to get U2 to come to el salvador. i don´t know the story behind it, or why they need to beg.

i am done. tomorrow i take the bus to san pedro sula, and the next day i fly home.

stay tuned for photos in a week or so.
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