i (i) wrote,

according to this test:

dave, you're an Astronaut

If you had your way, there would be no gray areas to any problem. When you live by the facts, as you do, and are challenged by a search for truth, unsolvable queries are the bane of your existence. You're a true data head. You're the guy the world calls when it needs to pad a case with facts, get the numbers to add up, or explore some scary, uncharted entity like tax returns or outer space. Since you are a team player and tend to believe that two minds are better than one, you can always be relied upon to contribute viable solutions, and you're great to keep around the think tank.

Who's like you:
Neil Armstrong (famous American astronaut)

Likely careers:
Astronaut, VP of technology, lab technician, archaeologist, marine biologist

How you rate:
Motivation: 5 Conflict style: 8 Leadership style: 5

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