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Ciudad Chihuahua is up at imagecentralamerica. 2 pages.

This was the last stop on the trip prior to meeting up with Jane and Marty's girlfriend Phyllis in Casas Grandes. Chihuahua has developed a reputation for violence, fueled by our idiotic prohibition laws. We saw no evidence of it, but I heard anecdotal stories, and the shrines across from the statehouse remind one quite poignantly of the many women murdered in Juarez, whose killer is still out there, and of a dozen people massacred in Creel (maybe drug related?) I was told that only a few years ago, you could walk around anywhere at night in Ciudad Chihuahua, but that now you can't. I don't know if this is true. We were in the center of town, with pedestrian only streets, and lots of (Mexican) Tourists. We generally didn't go out at night anyway, not being barflies, but I never felt unsafe, except maybe when I discovered that the photographer I had been chatting politics with was a Jehovas' Witness and wanted to convert me!

go have a look at the photos. here's a teaser...


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