i (i) wrote,

Gee, think it might be a SPAMBOT?

tara_4ah sent you a message on LiveJournal: hey.. how's it going!.
The message was:
what up.

i wuz checking 'round the site, and I hit ur profile. You give me the impression that you're a rather with it hombre, however im rather inexperienced at this site, and don't know what's with this site. Don't they have a chatting program here?? I hate sending msgs to people, and sometimes not receiving anything back. Well, if you want to talkin' with me, you could check me over at hop-o-love.com?id=5166&profile=FallenAngel801 , my name over there is FallenAngel801.

So, ya, hope to see you. always looking to find more ppl.
Samatha Sauredo

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