i (i) wrote,


I would be a lot more upset over the loss of Ted Kennedy's seat yesterday if the Democrats had had a supermajority that acted like a supermajority. A real supermajority would have walked all over the Republicans. Instead we have a bunch of DINOs and Joe Lieberman doing the Republican Party's dirty work. The only way to get real Health Care Reform and the WPA-style Public Works jobs bill we need is and has always been reconciliation. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconciliation_%28United_States_Congress%29) The Democrats can get 51 votes in the Senate for much better legislation than they can get 60 for. Then let the Republicans try to cut jobs and take Health Care away from the citizenry. They don't have the cojones.

That said, shame on you, Masssachussets Democratic party, for dropping a ball that was glued to your freaking hands.

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