i (i) wrote,

interesting morning

walked with my two spanish teachers/friends to a hidden place in the center of town euphemistically called the tikalito. i had heard that there was some kind of mayan ruin near here, and my maestra thought it might be this.

i wouldn't actually call it a ruin. more of a shrine or altar, albeit a very old one. it's only a couple of feet tall, with a slim possibility of more underground, and is shaped essentially like one of the tikal pyramids, with a sort of basin at the bottom of the steps (to collect blood?) it is carved from one volcanic boulder which extends below the ground, hence my uncertainty as to its actual size. it is at least three generations old. nobody seems to know the history of it, even the local mayas. in recent years someone has carved a cross from the same type of stone, and set it on top. it's in the midst of a little palm cluster near some pigpens a quarter mile from the baptist church. it's on private property, and will likely remain so largely because of mistrust arising from the theft of many artifacts over the past century.

tomorrow, we are going to climb cerro de oro, from which i should get some excellent views of all three volcanoes and the lake.

vaya tranquilo

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