i (i) wrote,

my website just got hacked!

A technician responded to your ticket with:


Unfortunately we experienced an issue with our nameservers that caused this. The issue has since been resolved, however.

If you are still experiencing this issue:

1. Clear all browser cookies, cache/temporary internet files, and history.
2. Update all bookmarks related to the domain you are attempting to access.
3. Reload the browser or try another different browser.
4. Try accessing the domain(s) using http://www.megaproxy.com/freesurf/ or http://www.proxify.com/ proxy service clients.
5. If you are a Windows 2000/XP or a MAC user, please clear your DNS cache by doing one of the following:

Windows XP and 2000 users:
a. go to start > run
b. type: ipconfig /flushdns

MAC users:
a. open a terminal window
b. type: lookupd -flushcache

Windows 98/98SE/ME users:
there is no dns cache flush option on these operating systems.(restarting pc may help).

Please advise if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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