i (i) wrote,

Sent to the White House:

Re: Palestine and Israel. I am extraordinarily supportive of and grateful to you for your leadership in most areas, but this is one where I see you continuing America's disconnect with reality. Even most Jews worldwide do not support Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. It's fine that you don't believe Palestinian recognition by The UN would help the peace process. I disagree, and so does most of the world. Israel will never negotiate in good faith with a non-state. Maybe they will with a fully recognized one. Regardless, we shouldn't have vetoed something like this, which honestly does not affect our National Security in any way, unless maybe to enhance it if we offer some support to the Palestinian people's dream. And now, when The UN is recognizing Palestine in the only way it can, through its agencies, we are going to cut funding to UNESCO? UNESCO which funds women's education in Afghanistan and Tsunami Early Warning systems? To Punish Palestine??? This makes no sense. Mr. President, you are far more intelligent than this.
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