i (i) wrote,

It Begins

Every day I ask anyone I talk to if they know someone who is sick. So far, all my friends and family have said "no." I have one friend who i haven't seen in a couple of years who said she had a cough and fever in an Instagram post last week. I have not heard personally from her, although I reached out. Yesterday, another friend called and told me he had a cough and a headache, but no fever. I'm worried about him, as he is 10 years older than I am, and smack dab in the danger zone. Arizona's cases have tripled in a week. My guess is that by this time next week, we will all know someone who is sick, and in a month, we will all know someone who has died. At first, I thought all the noise about this virus was an overblown media hype. I was very, very wrong.

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