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Amazon Advertising

So I have run three ad campaigns on Amazon for my book. One sponsored product campaign for the month before Christmas. Anyone who shops Amazon has seen sponsored ads when they buy stuff. Buy a book, they suggest several others and there is usually a sponsored ad on the page. The other two campaigns are lock screen ads. They show up when you turn on your kindle or other device. I ran two because I decided the text I had wasn't good enough. The first one started Oct 7, the second Nov 25. Both end Jan 24.

In the month before Christmas, my sponsored ad was shown to 1380 people. 5 clicked on it, none bought it.

Lock screen campaign #1 has been seen by 11,495 people. 37 have clicked, none have bought
Lock Screen campaign #2 has been seen by 18,834 people. 73 have clicked, none have bought.

In all, 31,709 people have seen my ad. 115 have clicked on it, and none have bought it.

I pay per click, so I have spent a total of $52.75. The pricing is weird. I bid how much I am willing to pay per click and they charge me less. I have no idea how they determine the amount.

So, is it worth $52.75 to have almost 32,000 people see my book even if they don't buy it? Approximately 1/3 of 1% of those who saw my ad clicked. Is that good or bad? Clicking and not buying probably means they looked at the first couple pages and decided it wasn't for them. That's fine.

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